Training programs

  • Computational Neuroscience at Dalhousie University

NESC 4177: Theoretical Neuroscience is an elective course in the undergraduate neuroscience program. This course is an introduction to computational neuroscience and brain style information processing and includes an introduction to the MATLAB programming environment and some required mathematical background.
The course is also offered as computer science graduate course CSCI 6508: Neurocomputing with the addition of more emphasis on a project.
Besides these courses there are research opportunities with Dr. Trappenberg through summer projects, comprehensives in the psychology graduate programs, and thesis projects in computer science.

  • Computational Neuroscience at Queen's University

There are many courses touching on computational neuroscience at Queen's University. NSCI 401 (undergraduate) and NSCI 850 (graduate) provide specific in-depth introductions to modern modelling techniques in Neuroscience.
Many additional courses are available in the Centre for Neuroscience Studies, the School of Computing and the departments of Psychology and Mathematics and Statistics. A few examples are:
BIOM 800 - Modelling Techniques in Biology
CISC 839 - Systems Biology
CISC 859 - Pattern Recognition
CISC 873 - Data Mining
CISC 874 - Neural and Genetic Computing
MATH 806 - Introduction to Coding Theory
MATH 830 - Modern Control Theory
MATH 872 - Information Theory
MATH 339 - Evolutionary Game Theory
PSYC 971 - Time series analysis (including hands-on Matlab tutorials)
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  • Computational Neuroscience at McGill University:

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  • Computing Science at Simon Fraser University

CMPT102: Intro. to Scientific Computing
CMPT340: Biomedical Computing
CMPT419: Biomedical Image Computing cross-listed with CMPT829: Special Topics in Bioinformatics
CMPT888: Medical Image Analysis

  • Department of Statistics at the University of British Columbia

STAT 540: Statistical Methods for High Dimensional Biology

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of British Columbia

EECE 360: Systems & Control
EECE 369: Signals and Systems
EECE 434: Biosignals and Systems
EECE 466: Digital Signal Processing Systems (DSP)
EECE 570: Fundamentals of Visual Computing

  • Graduate program in bioinformatics at the University of British Columbia

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  • The Diploma in Theoretical Neuroscience at Waterloo

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